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Wanda KInsinger

Talented Author and Motivational Speaker



Wanda Kinsinger is a wife, mother, author, and speaker who was privileged with the opportunity of being both a homeschool kid and a homeschool mom. She was part of the pioneer homeschool movement in the 1980’s. After three years at a country public school, she was homeschooled from third grade through high school. She graduated a year early and got her associates degree in physical therapy.


After getting married, Wanda and her husband adopted three children from Vietnam and chose to homeschool. Two of the children graduated early and as young adults, all three are pursuing their respective dream careers in neurosurgery, software development, and business. With an emptying nest and as a life-long committed learner, Wanda is pursuing education with a focus in the developmental years.  


Now Wanda’s mission is to share her experiences with other young mothers to encourage and support them along their homeschool journey. She believes that any mother can homeschool and seeks to provide practical advice, encouragement, and creative teaching to set children up to thrive and succeed. Her goal is to equip young mothers to prepare their children to launch strong and fulfill the purpose and destiny God created them for.

If your area hosts a homeschool conference or would be interested in inviting Wanda to speak, please contact her for requests.

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